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The current thermal power generation in Europe is shifting to reduce the amount of thermal power. As a result the involved manufacturers are downsizing their engineering and construction activities. It is clear that this downsizing affects the know how available to the thermal power market. In the recent past this effect was already noticeable as the manufactures downsized their own fabrication and construction activities. They relied on worldwide manufacturing and construction supply, concentrating only on engineering. Due to this trend, the resource pool for experienced thermal power engineers is rapidly shrinking.

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As an alternative I would like to introduce myself as an experienced thermal power generation engineer. Specialized in thermal powerplant construction, commissioning, engineering, fabrication and trouble shooting. Focus on safety, human interface, budget and planning. World wide experience with coal, gas, biomass and oil fired plant. Wide experience and know-how of all related engineering and construction codes like ASME, TRD, EN, PED, Sill etc.

My experience has been gained over 30 years in the power industry working both for clients as well as contractors. Frankly speaking any complication can be solved provided the human and technical interfaces are understood and are thoroughly explained to the parties involved.

As my CV shows I am well versed in boilers and related boiler equipment of all kinds from small biomass units to big tower boilers, each type has its own challenges in either technical, construction, control or human interfaces. Notwithstanding my boiler and related equipment back ground, I am also experienced in the relative smaller power producing equipment like steam and gas turbines, gas and diesel engines and generators.

Thanks to my law studies – specialization contract management – I was able to close out several projects without any back charges.

Mees van der Horst
technical engineer

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